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  4. “Just came back from ‘The Rock’. Wow wow wow. What an amazing sunset! It brought tears to our eyes, and then Julia was there with some cold drinks and candle light. How romantic! Thank you very much for this experience.

    Greetings from D & M, the Netherlands”

  5. “From our twilight entrance by boat to the sunrise departure,
    our trip to Kafue has been nothing short of amazing.”
    “KaingU – a special place to rediscover, to simplify, to bond. We
    came as strangers and left as friends.”

    Gerry & Dave B

  6. “The stay in your lodge was wonderful. Your „Welcome in
    paradise‟ is telling the truth. Your boat trips, breakfast on an
    island, game drives, sunset and dinner on the rock, bushwalk
    and all the surprises were fantastic. Your warm welcome made
    us feel not as guests, but rather at home.”
    Ineke & Jan B

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