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Benny’s tale

Here at Kaingu Lodge we are proud of our staff and the way we have been able to expand the number of people that we employ. We firmly believe that the only way that such large protected areas as Kafue National Park can survive is by their existence being justified by the neighbouring local communities […]

November News

So as we write this on the second of December the season is (almost) over.  The last lodge guests are packing their bags and while there are still some camping guests over the next weeks our season is basically closed.  Everything gets packed away now and the green season teams do their thing. But anyway […]

October News

Blog post/news time already!  We literally cannot understand where the season has gone.  We are now almost at the end of November and writing about October.  Meanwhile it seemed like yesterday when we were opening up. October is traditionally the ‘best’ safari month.  The month when the sightings are at their peak.  Sightings in October […]

September News

Its 36 degrees in the office and the winds are predicted to hit gusts of 60km/hr today…   Yep.  September.  If the preceding month of August is when we talk about Winter leaving then September is a month when we forget what it was even like to be cold! Anyway as usual we just go straight […]

Recycling at Kaingu Lodge

Claiming green credentials in the safari industry is almost as ubiquitous as khakis and gin and tonics.  Generally speaking most camps and lodges are pretty minimal impact.  It kind of comes with the territory as environmental standards in protected areas are usually quite strict.  Also being ‘off grid’ means that a lot of lodges rely […]

August News

As per the norm here at Kaingu we are doing a pictorial review of the month.  August is generally the month that winter leaves us and temperatures start to climb.  By the end of the month we were seeing temperatures in the low 30s so a big change there.  Birdlife on the river also really […]

July News

I can’t believe we are basically half way through our season.  Unbelievable how time passes.  July was a phenomenal month in so many ways, but we start with Benny.  We are actually planning an entire blog post about Mr Benson, but we will start with a quick picture of him in his chef’s whites.  Although […]

June News and images

So as per usual our news ‘letter’ is really just a series of images all taken here at Kaingu, all in the month of June.  There is no real story there as such.  Well, there is, there always is.  We are always doing stuff, upgrading stuff and creating stuff.  But sometimes a picture tells a […]