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November 2019 – Pictorial Newsletter

Kuumbi Mpati – the month when the clouds have finally formed and it starts seriously raining. I simply cannot believe that I am writing this at the beginning of December and our season is all but over.  It seems like only a few weeks ago that we were doing the big unpacking and getting everything […]

October 2019 – Pictorial Monthly Update

“Kakumba Kanini”  Translated as “the time when the clouds start to form and sometimes even some rain”.  The Tonga words for what in English is known as October.  Very apt!    As you can see from the below image we have had a few showers – nothing major, just enough to whet our appetites.   While […]

June 2019 Newsletter

So back in May we had the mini marathon and so June kicked off with the Kaingu 100m sprint.  As Joel (barman) had sat out the mini-marathon we had no idea that he was going to take the honours in the 100m! Anyway, before all that on the way to our super track (i.e. the […]

The Itumbi Community Schools & Crowdfunding

Since 2006 Kaingu Lodge has been extremely active in developing and supporting the Itumbi Community Primary School. Through fundraising (mostly through our guests) we have been able to see the completion of a three classroom primary school in Itumbi (or Kaingu) village. We have been able (by contributing part of every guest’s stay) to pay […]

Our very own community health worker

Patson Kandundwe joined us last year after we started actively looking for a locally based trainee Chef. He stood out among the rest of the applicants due to his seriousness, past activities and the fact that he obviously had the respect of his peers and the community. Prior to joining us he served as a […]

May Newsletter

Its that time of the month again.  Time to recap and review the month of May here at Kaingu Lodge.  We kicked off the month with a mini marathon and this (health!) became a bit of a recurring theme later in the month as well.  The mini marathon was great fun.  We had a day […]

April 2019 News

Sometimes I hesitate to really call these newsletters as it tends to just be an image based re-cap of the month. Anything newsworthy for sure is always included I suppose though.  Mostly we just try to show what the month at the lodge has looked like through pictures and a few words.  Apart from the […]