Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility – KaingU Safari Lodge has been designed and built to minimize the impact on the local environment. Maximum use has been made of existing trees, rocky outcrops and topographical features to blend in with its surroundings and reduce any impact on the unique landscape.

The lodge is fully solar powered.  All our electricity is produced from solar panels producing over 7000 watts of power.  Our water is also pumped from the river by highly efficient solar pumps.  Our newer guest chalets and campsite also utilize solar hot water heaters.

All lighting is LED so draw as low a power as possible, fridges are highly efficient and designed for rural Africa with thicker than normal insulation and highly efficient compressors. Even our guest boats are quiet and river-friendly modern four stroke engines.

As much as possible KaingU purchases food products organically and sustainably grown in Zambia and actively purchases as much locally as possible. By doing so we are supporting small scale conservation-based agriculture in the rural areas of Zambia and contribute directly to the conservation of Zambia’s wildlife and ecosystems while reducing poverty and hunger.

All organic waste is composted and used for the Lodge’s vegetable garden. Hard waste is collected and recycled wherever possible, and what cannot be otherwise recycled is returned to Lusaka for disposal.

The Lodge works closely with the Department of National Parks and Wildlife as well as other conservation and research organisations active in the Kafue National Park and surroundings.