Social Responsibility


The Lodge hires local labour wherever possible and provides them with the necessary training. All materials such as thatch, poles, road maintenance material are sourced from the local communities, who are paid accordingly in an effort to recognize the value of these resources.


In addition a levy of $10 per lodging guest plus $3 per camping guest is paid to our Community Trust (started by the founders of KaingU Lodge). This money is used on projects which benefit the local community and also the Park itself, with anti poaching activities and further developments of the community school being high on the agenda. The Lodge,together with the Community Trust, decides how best to apply the funds.


On a visit to the village in 2006 the KaingU Safari Lodge guests saw the poor condition of the traditionally built local school.Back home in the Netherlands they set up the “Kaingu Community Foundation” and started a big donation campaign. This donation and the local support of KaingU Safari Lodge made it possible to build a new school with three class rooms. Currently the Itumbi Community School provides education for over 250 children of the area. Ongoing support from KaingU lodge is also provided by paying two teacher’s salaries and through charitable donations by guests of the lodge, providing books, pens and other necessities. Many thanks go to: three of our British guests: Renate & John G.: for taking over the complete costs of a water supply installation for the school Linda D.: for sponsoring further education for an eager young student John C.: for committing to a donation of a fixed amount for the next two years for the Community Trust our sponsor from Australia: Allyson: for a donation campaign to pay for new school books and from the Netherlands: Conny & Wim V.: for supporting our teacher Joseph in his further education. More about the development of the Itumbi Community School on the website of the “KaingU Community Foundation”