KAINGU GUIDING TEAM - Israel Kayombo (Field Guide)

Israel Kayombo

(Field Guide)

Israel has been with us since we spotted him during Kafue guide training in 2015.  He is an absolutely charming individual with a very engaging personality that captures everyone’s attention.  His greatest attributes are his sunny disposition and insane eyesight.  We gave him a pair of binoculars that frankly get little use – his naked eyes are better than mine with 10×42 binoculars.

KAINGU GUIDING TEAM - David Chirwa (Field Guide)

David Chirwa

(Field Guide)

David joined us in 2020. Due to the covid 19 situation, we worked with him for two years on a freelance basis and then finally, in 2022, we were able to offer him a full-time position. David is a consummate and steady professional and has vast Kafue experience, having worked from Nanzhila in the deep South to Busanga in the extreme North.

KAINGU GUIDING TEAM - Kebby Kafutubiji (Field Guide)

Kebby Kafutubiji

(Field Guide)

Kebby re-joined us in 2022, after having worked with us before as a trainee. But now, having got his GdII qualifications and driving experience he has re-joined us. A real, local boy (he comes from the villages in the South), he is a huge fan of stories of oral history. If you are ever with him on Mpamba rock you are sure to be entertained with stories about his forefathers.

KAINGU GUIDING TEAM - Oscar Mwanaamambo (Trainee Guide)

Oscar Mwanaamambo

(Trainee Guide)

Oscar has been with us for years and years. We first met him as a casual employee in 2013, and since then, he worked in housekeeping and then as a camp hand. In 2019 we offered him the opportunity to start training as a guide, and he has really stepped up to the task. He is also highly proficient on the water and with a fishing rod. He is also an incredible athlete.

KAINGU GUIDING TEAM - Tariad Chizuwa (Trainee Guide)

Tariad Chizuwa

(Trainee Guide)

Tariad joined us (from Itezhi Tezhi town) in 2022.  He is somewhat born to guiding, in that both his grandfather and father are guides in the lower Zambezi.  He, however, had pursued an education in clinical medicine before deciding that he really wanted to follow in family’s footsteps!