KaleyKaley (Willard Kaleyanungu Chibullo): Field Guide

Best described as Mr Adventure.  A highly skilled canoeist and an athlete he is who you want by your side when you get into trouble (which is perhaps why he is often with Gil).  Kaingu’s longest serving guide he has grown as we have grown.  In the last few years he has attempted and attended more and more technical training and exams and his skill growth has been phenomenal.  He has a unique dry humour that is loved by guests and a very caring nature.   He also makes excellent pork belly snacks and enjoys cooking on island canoe trips.  A very professional and tireless individual.

FishingIsrael (Kayombo Kayombo): Field Guide

Israel Kayombo Kayombo.  He is far cleverer than his male model looks and charm would have you believe!  A very solid individual who is well liked by guests and staff due to his bubbly nature and unflagging enthusiasm. He does sometimes loose track of what day it is, but that is why we love him!  He is at home on land, on water and is rapidly acquiring  Kaley’s enthusiasm for canoeing.  One of the highest scoring candidates in the Kafue guides exams, he is going places rapidly and says that he wants to one day write a book about guiding.  If it is as filled with as much humour as the author then it will be a cracker.