Our Community

Why come to Zambia? Because of its people!

Warmth, hospitality and friendliness is in the nature of all Zambian tribes of which there are 72 in the country.

The area around Kaingu Lodge has long been inhabited by the Ila-people, good grazing land at the Kafue Flats have also attracted many Tonga (before the creation of the Itezhi Tezhi dam, the Ila-Tonga were the richest pastoralists in Africa!). Chief of the area is Chief Kaingu (hence the name of our lodge) and he is a Lozi originally. All no problem, since the motto of the first President Zambia, Kenneth Kaunda, was: “One Zambia, One Nation”. And so it is not surprising that hospitality and a warm welcome is integral to Zambian culture.

The first small, very traditional one-family-villages are located about 15km south of the Lodge, our community school is reachable in about 1 hour drive. The majority of our employees are from the local area and are trained in house.

Experience the hospitality of the Ila, Lozi, Kaonde, Luvale and Tonga with us!

Twalumba (Ila, Tonga) Twasanta (Kaonde) Litumezi (Lozi) Tunasakwila (Luvale)

Thank you!