So as we write this on the second of December the season is (almost) over.  The last lodge guests are packing their bags and while there are still some camping guests over the next weeks our season is basically closed.  Everything gets packed away now and the green season teams do their thing.

But anyway this is about November and not about the end of our season!

We start with our second yoga weekend!  This one was much more successful than our washed out one back in March.  Yogi Ruth did an amazing job with yoga instruction and massages.  The attendees ranged from first timers through to a yoga instructor, so quite a diverse group.  The absolute common thread that ran through the weekend though were the locations.  Everyone commented repeatedly just how incredible the locations were…

Then came our (almost) annual trek to Liuwa Plain National Park.  I counted them up and this was our sixth visit.  No guests on this trip so we rounded up a couple of friends to join.  As many of you will be aware we have run mobile safaris there in the past and fully intend to do so again.  But with or without guests we go there.  A lot!

I am not going to ramble on too much more about Liuwa.  There is plenty more about it here on our blog if you look.  I will rather just show images from this amazing place:

so that’s it for Liuwa 2018.

Now back to the Kafue and the last couple of weeks of the season.  We have raved on before about November (a lot) here:

Suffice to say it is a beautiful month and indeed one of our favourites:

Skimmers! Finally. No nesting pair this year unusually but we have had infrequent visit. About as much fun as you can have with a camera…!

The number of goslings on the river this year has been incredible. I have no idea why but cannot recall these numbers before.

We had a family from Alaska come here. They actually came mostly for the fishing and clearly knew exactly what they were doing. Israel spent a week guiding them. It was absolutely fascinating to hear their stories and descriptions of the wilderness that they come from and how similar yet different it is.

On thanksgiving weekend we had some guest from ‘merica. So Lizzie got onto Youtube and downloaded a pumpkin pie recipe! Lizzie is becoming an avid content consumer with Youtube and is using it as a learning tool in a big way!

Rains bring frogs!

One of the last images of our season 2018 was the most incredible sunset that I witnessed while out with two very keen photographers.

And that is it folks!  Season 2018 is over.

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